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BMD Interior Design Consulting was established to specialise in interior design and our philosophy is centred on creating design concepts unique to each client and as such, we seek to provide unique design ideologies which are in tune with the specifications and wants of the client. To achieve this, we adapt a single point of contact approach and by doing so analyse and recognize each and every need of our clients and make their dreams a reality.

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We, at BMD Interior Design Consulting, have always believed in having a unique design ideology. We constantly work on providing a perspective that could highlight our philosophy of creating attractive design concepts that are tailor-made to suit the individual needs of each client. In an attempt to make sure that your projects undertake a smooth completion without affecting your peace of mind, we emphasize on adapting a Single Point of Contact approach.

The entire team of well-qualified and experienced experts at BMD Interior Design Consulting works hard to make the company a one-stop solution that offers new, innovative, and creative ideas for interior as well as exterior design. We take our mission of influencing the lives of all of our clients positively and leaving a lasting impression on their minds and imagination very seriously. We put in our best foot forward to make sure that our designs inspire and elevate the hearts and minds of anyone who lays eyes on them. While trying our best to offer you the most suitable designs, we make sure that we never have to compromise our values while accomplishing our long-term goals. Also, we never hesitate while going one step further when it comes to offering exclusive concepts to our clients.

What sets us apart is our team of creative, good-humored, dedicated, and genuine interior designers! We completely understand how important it is to develop a solid and loyal relationship with each of our clients and we do so by offering design solutions that are sure to satisfy the client’s taste, budget, requirements, and goals for space. From the initial concept to the final detail, the key to our success is our commitment to customer satisfaction combined with unique capabilities and furniture resources. Our creative out-of-the-box approach is never going to disappoint you once you decide to join hands with us for your dream project.

In addition to Interior Design, we specialize in a number of other domains including space planning & exterior design, handling all phases of any given project right from the preparation of feasibility studies, schematic drawings, detailed estimates, to 3D perspectives, working drawings, and site supervision.

Another reason you might want to get in touch with us for your next dream project is that we remain conscious of our impact on the environment. BMD Interior Design Consulting engages in long-term sustainable green initiatives that are sure to lead to environmental we recognize and respect the need for valuable and high-quality building structures and to that end, we strive to provide highly functional and aesthetically pleasing structures.excellence!

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Interior Design96%
Exterior Design94%
Space Planning99%