Space Planning

We believe great things happen in great spaces. This belief is the core of our business.  We recognize the need for a well utilized and functional space, and offer exceptional space planning & design services. For a robust offering of services including space planning and design, project management, delivery, installation, and product maintenance BMD Interior is a preferred Space Planning Company of a number of clients.

BMD Interior helps engineer your space to optimize functionality as well as to make it look flawless. In order to provide you with the best possible solutions, we develop a clear understanding of your vision, needs and wants with the space concerned.

The first step is to find out what you are looking to achieve with your space and then we’ll take over from there. Our professionals would provide samples that would show you how we intend to optimize your new or renovated space and achieve maximum functionality.

We would also give you different spatial arrangement samples that would help you inform your final decision. You can be assured that we would not in any way compromise on the functionality of your space; we would provide adequate clearance space to accommodate movement.

Here’s How Our Process Works:

  •         Initial consultation with the customer
  •         3-D renderings of various layout options
  •         Budget and timeline planning
  •         Design and sourcing of custom furniture  (if required)
  •         Project management support, from initial design to completion

Planning and designing your space is a process that takes creativity, attention to detail, and a thorough knowledge of your interior space and vision. No matter your needs, we’ll help you envision and execute the perfect space. Our services are top notch and nothing but professional and we look forward to beautifying your space.